Clint Zweifel

Clint Zweifel

President, Northern Trust Missouri

Northern Trust
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As President and CEO of Northern Trust - Missouri, Clint leads a team dedicated to service, expertise and integrity in investment management, trust administration and banking services for individuals, families and endowments. Before joining Northern Trust, Clint served two terms as Missouri's 45th State Treasurer. As Treasurer, he managed a $3.5 billion portfolio, led the state's banking system and worked on issues that touched retirement security, small business, agriculture, college savings, military installations and housing.


He graduated from University of Missouri - St. Louis with a bachelor's degree and Master of Business Administration.


He is a Senior Vice President and Managing Director for the Missouri office of Northern Trust.


As managing director, he leads a team of twenty partners in Northern Trust's Missouri office who are dedicated to helping clients with investing, trust and estate plans, wealth management planning and private banking services. Northern Trust has served high-net-worth individuals, families, senior executives and endowments for 128 years with a defining culture of integrity, expertise and service.


He serves on the board of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute in the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in Saint Louis and also serves as a board member of the Concord Coalition, a non-partisan organization advocating for responsible fiscal policy. Additionally, he and his wife, Janice, have served as foster parents and been active in child advocacy issues.


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